Video Training Series Episode 1: Managing Users in Magento

The IronPlane team has been creating eCommerce websites using Magento for many years.  Our developers are always up-to-date with training and certification therefore we are able to best support our clients. Our clients can depend on us a resource long after their site is built.  We recently decided to make our Magento knowledge more readily accessible through the use of video training.  We are creating a Video Training Series where we will walk viewers through using various Magento screens and features.  Today we are excited to share the first in our series, “Managing Users in Magento”.

Managing Users in Magento

As a merchant it is important you know how to properly control your backend users.  Giving the proper permissions should be based according to the roles they fill in your business.  In our “Managing Users in Magento” video we show you how simple it is to create and edit your Magento users.


We hope you have found this training video helpful.  Comment below with any questions or comments.  We would love to see your feedback. You can feel free to reach out to us at with questions about our video or how IronPlane can help you with your Magento needs.

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