Gat Creek

Gat Creek crafts custom solid wood furniture by hand in the United States.
The business faced a number of specific challenges helping consumers visualize their custom selections and balancing sales across multiple channels. Learn more about how IronPlane worked with Gat Creek to transform its business paradigm leveraging the Magento platform.

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Custom Product Visualizer

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Gat Creek Background

Gat Creek launches hybrid B2C / B2B eCommerce website with product visualizer.

Magento is the perfect mix of structured capacities and customizability. The primary goal for Gat Creek was to create an online product catalog that would facilitate the type of personalization necessary to make it very easy for customers to place an order. The company recognized that it would need a custom solution. Gat Creek has confidence that the Magento platform will continue to be a good fit as they scale in size and sophistication.

“Access to a worldwide community of development talent makes it easier for us to invest in a website at our relatively small scale. We have confidence that the Magento platform will continue to be a good fit as we scale in size and sophistication.”

David Petersen, VP of Marketing and Brand Development at Gat Creek


Gat Creek offers made-to-order furniture crafted by hand. Working with three wood species, 64 finishes, and a variety of hardware options, the company is built to accommodate an extensive range of customization options. Properly highlighting this vast selection of products has historically been a challenge. Print catalogs and store displays typically undersell the products.


IronPlane helped Gat Creek set up a Magento eCommerce site that highlights its products and customization options beautifully. Customers can view the available wood and paint types, pairing these features easily with the finishes that are available with each option. The Magento platform supplied Gat Creek with a sophisticated combination of out-of-the-box solutions and distinct customizations. The company was able to achieve its exact goals without having to compromise to fit into a mold not made for the business.


Gat Creek’s new website has helped the company to facilitate strong connections between consumers and retail partners since its launch. Shortly after unveiling the new site, Gat Creek saw increased levels of productivity in the recruitment area. Conversions increased for prospects in target channels, and consumers began submitting rich, informed inquiries. Interior designers, now able to fully appreciate the product line online, have submitted account applications to Gat Creek, which has enabled the company to further expand its reach.

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