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Washington DC is not only the seat of the federal government, but also the home of several international organizations.While the city itself has a population barely above 700,000, the greater metropolitan area embraces more than 6 million people of many different nationalities. This vast community means that numerous languages are spoken on the streets every day.

In order to reach a multicultural market, your online store must be displayed in multiple languages. Not all platforms offer multiple language packs, but Magento does. Therefore, many eCommerce businesses in Washington DC who are aware of this unique situation are thinking about a Magento 2 Migration.

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If you’re considering migrating to Magento 2 in order to take advantage of its multi-language provisions, whether from Magento 1 or a different platform, IronPlane is here to help. We can turn your single-language online store into a multicultural shopping experience that a city like Washington DC needs. Imagine the number of satisfied customers you can acquire just because they’re able to read about your products and promotions in their native languages.

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