Magento Development

Whether you’re starting a new site, migrating from another platform, or improving your existing site, IronPlane helps you select the best Magento development strategy and tools to allow you to focus on your business rather than the technology.


Listen to Your Needs

We learn about your business goals and technical challenges and help you determine how best to improve site performance, add new features, upgrade, increase ROI, and much more.


Create a Technology Plan

We create a plan to accomplish your goals. Then, we break that plan into concrete steps and deliverables that you can track and monitor your Magento development..


Launch the Project

Once coding and thorough testing are complete, we put the new features through their paces on a staging server. Once approved, we deploy them to your live server.

New Magento Development

Designing and building anything from scratch is scary. That’s why we have a diverse and expert team of researchers, designers, and developers to make this process as smooth as possible, from ideation and design to the final implementation.

We help you choose the best options for hosting, architecture, integrations, and more to ensure your store runs smoothly, regardless of the site’s complexity. We bring to the table years of experience building bespoke Magento stores.

Cloud Hosting

IronPlane provides hosting to our Magento clients with a custom architecture built to their needs. We prepare a hybrid cloud environment with dedicated and multi-tenant cache, database, search, and application servers.

  • Completely customized for your needs
  • Designed to be scalable for higher traffic periods
  • Can co-locate in your country and manage servers on AWS
  • 24 / 7 / 365 monitoring and emergency support
  • Highest quality hardware from IBM, HP, Cisco, and Juniper

Custom Magento Development

We understand each business is unique, and our developers are well versed in how to engage both B2B and B2C customers. We can handle complex ordering or shipping processes and much more. We work with your budget and advise you on how to reach the best solution using our customizable themes and architectures to save on both time and costs.

Custom solutions

  • Upgrade to latest version of Magento
  • 3rd party services
  • Migration from other platforms
  • Elastic onsite search
  • Custom product builder
  • In-store kiosk touchscreen apps
  • Accessible solutions

B2C features

  • Automated marketing
  • Social login
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Reward and loyalty programs
  • Multi-language
  • Saved cart, wish lists
  • Registries

B2B features

  • Custom pricing by customer group
  • SKU-based ordering
  • Samples fulfilment
  • Multi-warehouse support

Ongoing Support

Your business needs evolve as your eCommerce scales. Our ongoing support plans allow you to add new features over time, in addition to providing necessary upgrades, security patches, and general maintenance to keep everything running smoothly.

We provide you with access to a dedicated team of Magento developers, offering both technical and business user support. The services come in three subscription-based offerings to meet the varying support needs and budgets of our Clients.

Magento User Experience

Turn your Magento store into an innovative and user-friendly platform. We pinpoint areas needing improvement in order to convert, and provide you with an implementation roadmap. We employ the latest user research methodologies and tools like Google Analytics, Clicktale, and Hotjar to understand precisely where users are succeeding or failing to reach their goals on your site.

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