While researching eCommerce platforms for your online presence, you have probably heard of both Magento and Shopify. But which one offers the most benefits at the lowest cost?

Here, we share why we think Magento is the right platform for your eCommerce business.

Experience Driven Commerce

A winning customer experience is critical in today's market. Consumers want to buy experiences, not products.more...



Flexible, open platform to quickly bring the innovative to market

Differentiated customer experience to set brand apart

Pre-integrated modules to activate with a single click (payments, tax, shipping)

Over 3,600 high quality, vetted extensions to quickly expand store capabilities

Large global network of partners and developers provide additional resources


Built as standard set of templates

Undifferentiated customer experience

Limited extensibility and integrations with 3rd party solutions

Smaller network of partners and developers with limited global support

Future Growth

Dont't let your commerce platform limit your future growth. Choose the solution that meets your needs and your customers' needs from Day One.more...



Endlessly customizable platform - no limit to features and functions

Merchants retain full control over their Magento environment

Wide variety of third-party solutions integration

Integration of digital tools to further enhance customer experience

Engineered to support B2B, B2C, or both your commerce needs


Forced to upgrade to more expensive Shopify Plus plans

Features required by large and growing companies are not supported

Few large, global companies use Shopify

Incapable of handling the complexity of B2B transactions, workflow with templates, and apps

Engineered to support B2C, but not B2B


Delivering great experiences 24/7 requires a platform that is robust, reliable, and scalable.more...



Global cloud infrastructure and services ensure 99.99% operational uptime

Site deploys wherever your business operates

Magento Commerce runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Merchants retain total control over their Magento environments

Powerful business tools help larger, more complex stores save time and improve business agility


Multi-tenant architecture means that peak demand on another merchant’s store can degrade the performance of your store

Throttles the data exchanged between its core app and add-ons apps

Significantly slows your site performance during high traffic periods

Technology stack is locked down, leaving merchants with no way to monitor, manage, or optimize site performance

Requires more custom coding and added costs

Limits on product attributes and catalog size with large and complex product sets or unique selling requirements

Assistance When You Need It

Merchants may require different levels of help when implementing, maintaining,
and extending their commerce experiences.

A small partner community, located mainly within North America
A large global community of Solution Partners
Less experience in implementing commerce experiences and providing merchant services
Solution Partners available and willing to help during any stage of your digital commerce journey
Its proprietary language, Liquid, leaves a limited pool of developers equipped to help with projects
More than 260,000 developers worldwide to help with projects of all sizes
Major Features Shopify is Missing Out of the Box
Staging Preview
Staging and preview
Multi-site Management
Multi-site/store management under single account
Multi-currency Support
Multi-currency support depends on payment gateway provider
Flexible Pricing
Flexible pricing rules, coupons, and promotions
Store Credit
Store credit
Detailed Logging
Detailed permissions and logging
Drag and Drop Tools
Drag and drop visual merchandising tools
Support B2B D2C Models
Supporting B2B and B2C selling models

Powers 10 companies on the Internet Retailer Top 500 list


Powers 315,000 sites around the world

Powers 70 companies on the Internet Retailer Top B2C eCommerce 500 list

Powers 40 companies on the Internet Retailer B2B eCommerce 300 list