Sea Bags

Sea Bags has benefited from using IronPlane’s Magento optimized hosting solution on AWS.
Read below to learn how IronPlane custom tailors its solution to the needs of its clients.

33% Total Cost Saving

36% Page Load Time Improvement

104% Page Download Time Improvement

Sea Bags Background

Sea Bags is a Maine-based company providing handbags, accessories, home decor, and theme-inspired collections. The bags themselves are made in Maine from recycled sails, hence the name “Sea Bags.” Each Sea Bag is meticulously fashioned and sewn by a skilled craftsperson from Maine. These craftspeople include local artists, design school graduates, and world-class sewers who bring their creative perspectives to the process. Sea Bags needed a technology partner who could provide them a greater ability to scale and increase the reliability of their uptime in order to handle that scalability.

“The team has been very helpful in troubleshooting alongside Chad. That’s critical to us to have them working together. Getting a highly customized setup where we do our own development & work with the Ironplane team for deployment.”

Laura Hnatow, Vice President at Sea Bags


Sea Bags was looking for a solution to help manage in-house development while utilizing third-party support to maximize uptime and troubleshoot when problems arise.


IronPlane took a customized approach to solving Sea Bags’ business needs by optimizing the website’s hosting architecture and creating a custom deployment and support plan. This strategy allows Sea Bags maximum flexibility, cost savings, and efficiency in managing the growth and development of their website.


Sea Bags is already reaping the rewards of IronPlane’s experience with Magento 2, its excellent support, and customized web hosting capabilities. Utilizing all three, IronPlane helped the company create a professional online retail experience that stands out from the rest. IronPlane was able to work with Sea Bags to allow them to develop in-house, but still have access to the resources needed to scale. It was important to Sea Bags to be able to collaborate with IronPlane to tackle any challenges that arose. IronPlane’s responsiveness and attention to detail gave Sea Bags the ability to focus on the things it does best, while maintaining control and authority over its site.

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