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Is your site running slowly? Are you getting unexplained hiccups in order processing? Sometimes it helps to have a fresh pair of eyes review your code, site organization, and server architecture.

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Is your Magento store encountering issues, bugs, and security flaws? Do you need some help getting back on track so you can focus on your business and your vision instead of unexplained problems? We can begin reviewing your site during our first phone call, and get you started on improvements.

Magento Rescue starts with an in-depth discovery process, including commerce analysis and code review. Let’s get started today.

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A code review can be relatively straightforward or require in-depth discovery. We can review the basics by phone to see what you need.

A typical code review includes:

  • Creating a full copy of the current site within IronPlane’s
    development environment. This includes version control, local
    development, and staging environment (if IronPlane will provide
    ongoing support).
  • Reviewing security and vulnerabilities. This includes reviewing
    security patches and directory access.
  • Reviewing core Magento files for changes.
  • Reviewing theming structure.
  • Reviewing all extensions installed.
  • Providing an estimate to repair items uncovered in audit and
    items requested by you.
  • Providing a written summary of all findings.
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There are several factors that can slow Magento down. We look at the following to help you speed up and improve the performance of your store:

  • Server configuration.
  • Extensions / extension conflicts.
  • Theme and design files.
  • Traffic / usage (e.g. number of admin accounts).
  • Cache configuration (at app level and server level).
  • Size of database.
  • Hosting – You may not need a “big” dedicated server, but it definitely needs to be Magento-optimized. We will give you specific recommendations for server configuration.
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Migrate to ColibriTM
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Is it time to refresh your site, or do you simply want to optimize it at every touchpoint? With ColibriTM Magento 2 Migration, we can launch your site on the latest version of Magento in no time at all.

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