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SOLR Onsite Search Engine


SOLR is the popular, blazing-fast, open source enterprise search platform built on Apache Lucene™


Quick Search Results Box

  • Selecting which attributes should be used when typing a search request.
  • Setting the numbers of products displayed in search suggestions
  • Displaying (how many, yes / no) categories containing the highest number of products fitting to the searched term

Search Results Layered Navigation

  • Leverage SOLR’s speed and reduce server load by enabling SOLR to render layered navigation.
  • Control over “hidden” attributes not shown to customer but still filters based on the attribute.
  • Depending on your theme, there might be several locations that layered navigation filter blocks can be placed.

Easy to use Control Panel

Right within Admin you can tweak SOLR results.

Admin tools include: setting weights to product attributes, creating synonyms, setting stop words, building URL redirects for particular terms.

Attribute Weighting in Search Results

Leveraging the product attributes in your catalog you can help visitors get the results they are looking for. By assigning higher or lower weights to various attributes (e.g. brand, model, product type), you can manipulate which products appear higher in the list for a given set of terms.

Used for Sorting in Product Listing

There is additional option “Combine sort attribute and direction” – this depends on frontend templates (may not be compatible with your template).

When “Combine sort attribute and direction” is enabled (set to “Yes”) a number of options appear to give you control over the product sorting on the front end.

Stop words and Synonyms

Stop words are words that do not bare contextual meaning for search and may frequently be used in sentences.  Those words are excluded from full text searching.

Synonyms are another way to give more precise control though in most SOLR instances stemming is enabled so there is no need to specify very close synonyms.

SOLR powers some of the most heavily-trafficked websites and applications in the world.