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Speed Optimization and Code Review



Sometimes it helps to have a fresh pair of eyes review your code.

  • Is your site running slowly?
  • Are you getting unexplained hiccups in order processing?
  • Are you thinking of upgrading and need a cost analysis?

A code review can be relatively straightforward or require in-depth discovery. We can review the basics by phone to see what you need.


There are several factors that can slow Magento down. We look at the following:

  • Server configuration
  • Extensions / extension conflicts
  • Theme and design files
  • Traffic / usage (e.g., number of admin accounts)
  • Cache configuration (at the app level and server level)
  • Size of database

The right balance of the above items will make your Magento instance very fast. We have solved this issue for small to complex sites.

  • Hosting also plays a big role. You do not necessarily need a “big” dedicated server, but it definitely needs to be Magento-optimized hosting. We will give you specific recommendations for server configuration. IronPlane is also a certified AWS partner with a highly custom Magento solution.