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Tools  for  Managing  Your  Site

These tools are very good for managing order workflow and site mechanics.


We use many of them on our own sites.

Abandoned Cart Email

Automatically send catchy emails to recover abandoned carts. Create multiple email templates to reach each type of your target audience. Decrease cart abandonment and stimulate customers’ loyalty by offering discount coupons in emails.

  • Customize email templates
  • Flexible dispatch schedule
  • Unlimited number of rules for better targeting
  • Automatically generate unique discount coupons
  • Track email campaigns with Google Analytics tool

Adaptive Subscriptions

Power up your Magento 2 store with subscriptions, auto-shipments, and recurring billing.

Advanced Content Manager

  • The best CMS extension for Magento
  • Create many different content types – blogs, landing pages, home pages, FAQs, documentation, press releases, testimonials, stores locator, team presentation, Lookbooks, and more – in just a few clicks
  • Create as many custom fields as you want – text, text areas, files, images, selection menus – and relation with products, attributes, and other content
  • Bind them to your content type, at any time
  • Generate lists of content

 Advanced Product Feeds

This is an outstanding extension for generating and publishing your store product feeds in comparison shopping engines and marketplaces. Operates with all comparison engines.

Fast and flexible, interacts with Google Analytics to measure campaign results, has a lot of options and more than 50 ready-made configurations.


Create, send, and manage quotes.

  • Receive quote requests through your front-end or start Quotations from your Magento backend
  • Negotiate prices with your customers
  • Supports all Magento product types
  • RFQ via front-end
  • RFQ via backend panel
  • Multidomain/store
  • Shipping price quote
  • PDF attachments
  • Customer group

 Dynamic Product Options

Dynamic Product Options is the ultimate solution to manage products’ custom options in Magento® 2. More than just a visual editor, it’s a powerful tool to create complex option-based products. Design product options the way you need them.

The visual editor allows you to drag options, organize them in rows and columns, and edit them easily. You can literally create a complex form in minutes. Choose from input boxes, select boxes, text areas, radio buttons, checkboxes, files, and more. Plenty of settings for  advanced use. Add images, comments to fields, custom CSS styles, and even JavaScript code!

Need more? Create conditional branching, where options depend on other options and appear on condition only. Enable options for specific customer groups only. Product options can be displayed on the frontend on the product view directly, or in a pop-up after clicking “Configure” or “Add to Cart.”

You can also create options templates to allow easy application to multiple products in bulk.

 Extended Product Grid with Editor

  • Enrich standard product grid functionality with handy options
  • Add any specific column you need and easily modify product information right on the grid
  • Create grid templates with custom column sets to make product data processing as fast as possible
  • Expand your grid with additional product attributes
  • Edit product data right on the grid with AJAX
  • Create custom product grid templates
  • Filter products by categories
  • Automatically change product availability based on quantity


Magento 2 FAQ helps you set up an informative and SEO-friendly FAQ page.

  • Allows you to create a list of questions on product detail page
  • Optimized for mobiles
  • Amazing AJAX live search based on content, keyword, tag
  • Create unlimited FAQs divided into categories
  • View the answers to each question with expand/ collapse feature
  • Show FAQ on product detail page
  • Easy to change position of FAQs and categories
  • Multiple beautiful layouts and styles
  • Show related questions and related products

File Downloads and Product Attachments

  • Add downloadable files of any format
  • Assign product attachments by a product ID or SKU
  • Convenient file uploads management
  • Set download limit
  • Basic file download stats
  • Extended file download user permissions
  • NEW Advanced file upload options and multi-file upload
  • NEW Downloadable files on CMS pages
  • Detailed file download reports

Follow Up Email

Generate and send numerous triggered emails based on customer activity to build productive relationships with clients and increase the number of repeated purchases. Customize email templates and effectively manage emails dispatch.

  • Create emails for different order statuses
  • Send emails based on wishlists and previous orders
  • Generate emails based on customer activity
  • Schedule automatic emails dispatch
  • Collect statistics with Google Analytics

Free Shipping Bar

Promote additional purchases with free shipping bar.

  • Automatic price calculation to reach free shipping goal
  • Cart total-dependent
  • Adjustable message block position
  • Custom CSS support
  • Google fonts and color message adjustments
  • Instant preview

Gift Card

A flexible tool for crafting the gift card that will match your specific business model and customer mindset.

  • Physical / virtual gift cards may be added to the catalog
  • Custom design choices may be created and offered to the customer
  • Personal message may be written by customer upon purchase
  • Gift cards may be delivered by admin straight from backend
  • Gift code grid added for backend tracking of all issued cards and their usage
  • Live support and documentation available within the extension
  • NEW! Magento API support

 Multiple Coupons

Increase customer loyalty by enabling registered clients and guest visitors to use numerous discount coupons for one order.

  • Use several coupons per order
  • Allow guest visitors to use multiple coupons
  • Display list of applied coupons in the shopping cart and checkout
  • Limit usage of specific coupons together with other promo codes
  • Apply/remove multiple coupons when creating orders in admin panel

One Step Checkout

Place all checkout steps on one page to speed up the whole shopping process and significantly enhance customer satisfaction. Use Google Suggestions to help visitors instantly complete address fields, and let them easily edit product options during checkout.

  • Customize checkout page design
  • Let customers edit product options on checkout
  • Set default preselected values for particular checkout fields
  • Use automatic geolocation detection and Google Address suggestions
  • Display delivery date and time options

Product Labels

Mark “On Sale,” “New,” and other products with eye-catching labels to immediately draw customers’ attention to particular items. Use predefined variables for label texts, and easily upload your own label images.

  • Add colorful labels to any products
  • Use flexible conditions for badge display
  • Set time periods for label demonstration
  • Use variables to customize label messages
  • Set priorities for label display

Shipping Restrictions

Restrict shipping methods using various product, cart, and customer parameters. Make your shipping process both legal and cost-effective.

  • Block certain methods of the shipping carrier
  • Create restrictions based on customer’s shipping data
  • Restrict shipping by various product attributes and order info
  • Use customer groups and store views as a restriction base
  • Disable or allow shipping with coupon

Shipping Rules

Create custom shipping rules based on a variety of product conditions and shopping cart attributes. Apply additional delivery options, surcharges, or discounts, or replace shipping rates according to your business needs.

  • Define shipping rules based on product, order, or cart attributes
  • Determine custom shipping rates per product or per order
  • Set shipping based on customer groups or store views
  • Implement shipping rules based on customer address information
  • Create unlimited number of rules

SMTP Email Settings

Send reliable emails from a popular local hosting or a custom Magento 2 SMTP server. Take full control over Magento 2 SMTP settings and run tests before sending out the mail. Make sure your customers and partners receive all emails you send.

  • Secure Magento 2 SMTP authentication and connection
  • Use pre-defined settings for popular email service providers
  • Test your emails using debug mode
  • Log all sent emails and view any message in detail
  • Decrease email rejection

 Social Login

Provide a registration shortcut by allowing customers to login via social network accounts.

  • Customer account may be created via social network login
  • Existing store account may be linked to social network profile
  • Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google, Pinterest, vk.com, ok.com, and PayPal login options are available
  • Social login buttons available on customer login and checkout pages
  • Functional tests to make extension modification easier

Special Promotions Pro

Shape your discounts with clever conditions. Create promotions based on customers’ info and purchase history. Use 22 actions to be sure that your promotions are unique and relevant.

  • 22 promotion types for extraordinary deals
  • Use customer attributes as rule conditions
  • Limit promotions based on customer order history
  • Select the base price for discount calculation
  • Restrict promotions for products with special prices

Store Locator

Let customers quickly find the nearest offline stores with your products by displaying them on a handy Google map. Specify additional information for each store location to maximally streamline shopping process.

  • Import GEO IP data
  • Display additional info for each store location
  • Assign products or categories to store locations
  • Upload images for any store location
  • Highlight store clusters with different colors


Impress your customers and enhance your business credibility by using the Magento testimonials extension. Using this module, you can monitor customer reviews and testimonials easily on a daily basis, and convert more sales for your business.