UX Review and Design

Stand out in a crowded marketplace and create an innovative customer experience.

User Experience

The interactions between users and your business or product website or touch point invoke responses and judgments that can greatly influence the success of your brand. A positive user experience can become a significant competitive advantage in the marketplace and ultimately have a big impact on your business.

Our user experience department is focused on creating a seamless and enjoyable commerce experience for your customers. Using qualitative and quantitative user research methodologies, our UX team works closely with you and your target audience to align your business objectives (KPIs and conversion) with the needs and desires of real users.

UX Services

  • UX Review
    We provide a comprehensive evaluation of your eCommerce site (or a specific web page), omnichannel, or mobile commerce.
  • UX Review with Magento Implementation
    In addition to the UX Review, we include the implementation of changes that will help scale up your business.
  • Full UX Design and Magento Development
    We work on an in-depth redesign of your website based on a data-driven UX process.

  • Our UX Process

    We seek the most affordable, effective, and modular ways to improve your website, app, or product. Our UX analysis is user-centric, data-driven, and utilizes measurable goals and in-depth research of the market and your competitors.

    Research and Analysis

    We aim to understand everything about your business, competitors, and marketplace. We might analyze the competition, or evaluate your site heuristically.

    Measure and Test

    We get feedback on the new design and test it out with real users, to make sure we’re taking your business in the right direction.

    User Insights

    We collect and analyze data and research to determine your customers’ goals, needs, and frustrations. We might build personas or scenarios to best reflect your customers.


    We’ll deliver you a comprehensive report detailing our research, hypotheses and conclusions, and recommendations to improve and enhance your UX or UI.

    Ideation and Design

    Based on user insights, we generate recommendations or wireframes and mockups to show you what an improved user experience could look like.

    Real Experience

    As a seasoned eCommerce agency, we have worked with many clients from many different industries. Chances are, we are well-versed in your client base, your brand, and business needs.

    We will focus on real cases and understanding what clients actually want and need from your business. We will work with your executive team to truly understand your business value and enhance it.

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